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Vrienden Nederlands Tegelmuseum



Collection Antwerp, Museum Vleeshuis. Italian, Antwerp and Dutch tiles and pottery. 16th c.: polychrome Antwerp tiles; tile panel "The conversion of St. Paul", 1547; house door-plates; majolica dish-ware; drug-vases. 17th & 18th c.: several Delft tile panels; 900 bible tiles in kitchen and chimney. Address, see below.

Calendar 1997 "Antwerpse majolica", a twelve months wall-type calendar for 1997, H.60cm, W.42cm; 12 full page color reproductions of Antwerp tile and majolica objects, mostly from the Museum Vleeshuis; ±600 Bef + postage. Order at: Museum Vleeshuis, Vleeshouwersstraat 38, B-2000, Antwerpen, phone 32 3 233.64.04, Fax 32 3 231.47.05.

Exhibition "Belgian art nouveau and art deco floor and wall tiles, 1880-1940", 07.09-06.10.1996, in: Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Sint- Pietersnieuwstraat 23, Gent.

Article VERBRUGGE B. & BAECK M. - 'De Belgische art nouveau en art deco wandtegels 1880-1940' in: Monumenten en Landschappen, 1996, Cahier 3.


Collection. The Koerner Ceramics Gallery at the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver. Museum note n°30 by Carol E. Mayer describes the Museum's 600 examples of European ceramics (Italian Maiolica, Anabaptist Faience, Hafnerware, Stoneware and Delftware) including excellent examples of stove tiles (e.g. South Tyrol, 1530-40) with subjects portrayed in the moulded relief ornamentation and a 90-tile reconstructed stove, Central Europe, 16th c.; color folder, 8 pages.


Lecture Richard and Hilary MYERS will be speaking on "William Morris Tiles, Tile designs of Morris and his fellow-workers" at the City Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent, Saturday 19th October 1996 at 2.00pm (TACS - Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society - Annual Lecture, part of an entire Art Pottery day at the Museum).

Book MYERS, Richard and Hilary - William Morris Tiles, Tile designs of Morris and his fellow-workers, 1996, 152 pp., 250 b&w ill., 40 color pages, £ 38 + postage; Order from: Buckland Books, Tel./Fax +44 1494 758 687.

Exhibition "Morris & Company tiles", 14.09-07.12.96, in: William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest road, Walthamstow, London.

Book Hans van LEMMEN - Delftware Tiles, 224 p, 190 colour ill. Planned Spring 1997.

Book ARCHER, Michael - Delftware: The tin-glazed earthenware of the British Isles, A catalog of the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, HMSO, 1977.

Newsletter Glazed Expressions, n°32, spring 96; quarterly publication of the Tiles & Architectural Ceramic Society, Hans van Lemmen, Calverley Street, Leeds LS1 3HE.


Bulletin Les Informations de l'ABRC, Information Bulletin n°13 (03.1996) & 14 (06.1996), 4pp. Association Bourguignonne de Recherches Céramiques, 5 rue Dr Maret, 21000 Dijon.


Book JOLIET, Wilhelm - Die Geschichte der Fliese (herausgegeben vom Fachverband des Deutschen Fliesengewerbes), Ca. 225 pages, more than 400 color photos and pictures, planned 4th quarter 1996, ISBN: 3-481-01146-6, 128 DM + postage. Order at: Rudolf Müller Gmbh, Postfach 41 09 49, 50869 Köln.

Article MARGGRAF Ilse, JOLIET, Wilhelm - 'Rotterdamer Fayencefliesen in der Kapelle des Hospitals San Juan de Dios in Cádiz/Andalusien', in: Keramos, Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft der Keramikfreunde e.v. Düsseldorf, Heft 150, October 1995, pp.149-200.

Article HANSMANN Wilfried und JOLIET Wilhelm - 'Die Bildfliesen im Treppenhaus von Schloß Falkenlust zu Brühl', in: Jahrbuch der Rheinischen Denkmalpflege, Band 37. Köln - Kevelaer 1996, pp. 77-116, 83 photos.


Exhibitions Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, via Baccarini 19, 48018 Faenza RA. 1) "Green and Brown: from Kairouan to Avignon, pottery from the 10th to 15th c." (14.09-01.12.96); 2) "Faenza-Faience: White Faenza pottery" (27.09-01.12.96); 3) "Naturalistic floral decoration in European pottery in the 18th c." (27.09.96-30.01.97). Information: Uessearte, Via Natta 22, I-22100 COMO, Fax +39.31.267265. For every exhibition there will be a catalogue.

Seminar "Naturalistic floral decoration in European pottery in the 18th c.", 24, 25 & 26 January 1997 in the Museum.

The Netherlands

Book De Nederlandse Tegel - Decors en benamingen 1570-1930 / The Dutch Tile - designs and names 1570-1930, Primavera Pers, Leiden, ±650 pages, 2600 B&W photos, 102 color photos, ±120 HFL + postage. Planned: 1st half 1997. Order at: Nederlands Tegelmuseum; Eikenzoom 12, 6731 BH Otterlo, phone 31 318 591519, fax 31 318 592000.

Exhibition 1) "Blauw van de rook, pijprokers op tegels en ander aardewerk" (Pipe-smokers on tiles and earthenware), 24.08 - 14.11.96; 2) "Bird tiles derived from prints of Adriaen Collaert, in: Nederlands Tegelmuseum, Otterlo.

Annual Stichting Vrienden van het Nederlands Tegelmuseum: TEGEL 24, September 1996, 54 pages, dutch. Six articles on different subjects: 1. 'Dutch tiles of the Mensjikov palace'; 2. 'Proverbs and sayings depicted on tiles'; 3. 'Early 17th c. Rotterdam tile-pillars'; 4. 'Bagpipe players on 17th c. tiles'; 5. '16th c. maiolica tile fragments found in Bergen op Zoom'; 6. 'Draught-board and mill-game on a tile panel'; Bibliography 1995-01.07.1996. HFL 15 + postage. Order at: Nederlands Tegelmuseum; address: see above.

Newsletter Bi-annual news of the Stichting van Vrienden van het Nederlands Tegelmuseum; subscriptions to: A.T. Pijper, Kromme Elleboog 1e, 9751 RA Haren.

Collection Museum Boymans-van Beuningen: tiles and tiled tableaux from the J.W.N. van Achterbergh collection with pieces dating from the 15th to 19th c. coming from Asia Minor, Spain, Italy and The Netherlands.

Catalogue Kunstnijverheid 1600-1800 en Tegels/Applied Arts 1600-1800 and Tiles. Will describe and depict all the tiled tableaux and tiles which are on permanent display in the department of Applied Arts and Design of the Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Museumpark 18-20, 3015 CX Rotterdam. Dutch/English. Planned: Spring 1997.

Auction Van Sabben Tile Auctions Haarlem Holland, Ooststraat 32, 3261 KM Oud-Beijerland. Auction on Sunday 17.11.96, 12:30 pm in: Hotel Lion d'Or, Kruisweg 34-36 Haarlem; on view: 15.11 (2 - 6 pm), 16.11 (10 am - 6 pm), 17.11 (9:30 - 10:30 am). Catalogue illustrated in full colour, available from 30.09, 45 HFL + postage. phone 31 186 621876, Fax 31 186 619092.


Book PEREIRA, João Castel-Branco - Arte. Metropolitano de Lisboa, (with tiles in the stations of the Lisbon subway), Lisbon, 1995, 176 pages, illustrated, English edition planned.

Catalogue MATOS, M. de & MONTEIRO, J.P. - Oriental influence on 17th century Portuguese ceramics, Electa, 1994, English & Portuguese texts, 162 pages, 130 color ill., paperback. Catalogue of an exhibition at the National Tile Museum in Lisbon.


Bulletin Butlletí Informatiu de Ceràmica, 1996, n° 59 & 60 (articles on tiles in each). Associacio Catalana de Ceràmica Decorada i Terrissa, Sant Honorat 7, Barcelona.

Catalogue Albert Telese i COMPTE - Les Rajoles d'Oficis i la Música, Repertori de rajoles i instruments, 61 pages, photos: 69 color, 13 b&w, 1900 Ptas + postage, Order at: A.T. Compte C/Aribau 215, 4°2°, 08021 Barcelona. Tel (93)209 25 80 Fax 795 24 25.


Internet "Tiles on the Web" is an information page on Internet organized by Tom Colson. Accessible through http://www.tiles.org/ The E.C.T.C. Bulletins n° 1, 2 & 3 are available on the Web.

Article SCHAAP, Ella B. - 'The seafaring Dutch on tiles', in: Antiques, August 1996, pp.188-197.

Exhibition "Maliba Macaws and Marlins: The Art of Tile, Southern California Style", 13.09-27.10.96, in: Santa Barbara Historical Museum, Santa Barbara, California. Guest curator: Don Shorts.

Symposium "Tiles of Santa Barbara: Exploring a Mediterranean Fantasy", 16-19.10.96. Four-day symposium featuring lectures, tours and workshops on the exotic tiles that have permeated this picturesque seaside community. Co-sponsored by Santa Barbara Historical Museum, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara Natural History Museum and Tile Heritage Foundation.

Magazine Tile Heritage: A Review of American Tile History, Summer 1996 and Winter 1996 (Vol. III, n° 1 & 2).

Newsletter Flash Point. News from Tile Heritage, Vol.9, n° 2, 3 & 4.

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