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The Netherlands

Symposium Keramische Pracht, 18 september 2020

Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed nodigt u uit voor het online Interieurplatform op vrijdagmiddag 18 september 2020 van 13.30 tot 16.45 uur. Het thema is ‘Keramische pracht; tegels in het interieur’. De Rijksdienst organiseert het dit keer in samenwerking met de ErfgoedAcademie. 

zie : https://www.cultureelerfgoed.nl/actueel/agenda/2020/09/18/interieurplatform-keramische-pracht-tegels-in-het-interieur



Arcen. Antieke schouw Kasteel Arcen weer compleet door 3D. De antieke schouw in Kasteel Arcen in Noord-Limburg is weer compleet. Met hedendaagse 3D printtechniek zijn de historische haardtegels in ere hersteld. Die opening, gepland op 1 april, is vanwege het coronavirus echter uitgesteld. Maar de schouw is alvast te bekijken op een filmpje op deze YouTube pagina.


Book: Dutch tiles of the 20th century with images of the Far East

English version, ISBN: 9789059973114,

By Jan PluisMin Chen

Primaverapers. https://www.primaverapers.nl/p/nederlandse-tegels-20ste-eeuw-chinese-japanse-voorstellingen/


Otterlo, Nederlands Tegelmuseum, Chinezen uit Makkum”. 7-9-2019 –  July 2020. The story behind the "chinese" tiles made in Makkum for the British market between 1935 and 1980.

"Exotic, luxury, hygienic". 7-9-2019 - July 2020. Tiles of the era of the tiled shops, In the period between 1900 and 1940 tiles were populars as shop decoration. The Dutch tile museum has a nice collection with nice representatives of butchers, bakeries, fishmongers and grocery shops with some of De Gruyter.  In the exhibition are also some tins on loan from colleague museums. 

Coming soon : "Oogappels" 7 Stories of tile lovers with their favourite tiles. Partially from the collection of the museum and partially from collectors. Themes are: Animal alphabet, Lighthouses and fires, Japonism and Aesthetic Movement, Biblical stories and tiles for Schools.     


 Nederlands Tegelmuseum, Eikenzoom 12, 6731 BH Otterlo. Tel. +31-318-591.519.Open: Tue – Sun, 13 – 17 hr. www.nederlandstegelmuseum.nl

Den Haag, Kunstmuseum,  Exhibition: Royal Blue, William and Mary's finest Delftware. To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Delftware, and as an ode to the friendship between Britain and the Netherlands, this spring Kunstmuseum Den Haag will present a story of Orange in blue and white, a tale of fragile diplomacy and breathtaking grandeur. Royal Blue will show how a 17th-century English queen continues to colour the Netherlands’ identity today. Period 01 June 2020 till 22 November 2020

Delftware Wonderware,  SHOWCASE OF DUTCH DELFTWARE.   Delftware is the paragon of Dutch prosperity in the Golden age. Permanent exhibition.

Kunstmuseum, Stadhouderslaan 41, 2517 HV Den Haag Open: Tue – Sun: 10 – 17hr.  www.kunstmuseum.nl

 Tickets should be booked in advance : Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. 



Museum van Meerten

The former house Lambert van Meerten is open again. This house, build in neorenaissance style in 1893,  contains a lot of old fragments of th e17th century, including tiles.

Tickets are available from  www.tickets.museumhuizen.nl   

Oude Delft 199, 2611 HD Delft. Open: Wed – Sun, 10 – 16 hr.







Innsbruck. Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum. Handcraft of Tirol and many tile stoves of the 15th – 19th century. Volkskunstmuseum, Universitätsstraße 2, 6020 Innsbruck. Open: Mon – Sun: 9 – 17. www.tiroler-landesmuseen.at



Salzburg. The Residenz.

The episcopal palace with a lot of tile stoves is now a museum with a lot of art of the 18th century. A must to see !

Residenz zu Salzburg,  Residenzplatz 1, 5020 Salzburg. Openingstijden: Wo – Ma: 10 – 17 uur.




Palais Beaux-Arts Lille, general art, paintings, decorative arts with ceramics and tiles.

Place de la République, Lille. Open: Mon 14 – 18 hr. Wed – Sun 10 – 18 hr.





Münster, BibelmuseumIn einer Sonderschau werden zum Thema “Wasser in der Bibel” einige ausgesuchte Motive aus dem Bestand des  Norder Bibelfliesenteams zu sehen sein.        


Bibelmuseum, Pferdegasse 1,  48143 Münster.   Ab 17.07.20         Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


Dormagen, Kreis Museum Zons. Museum with a large collection of jugendstil tiles.

Sclossstrasse 1, 41541 Dormagen. Open: Tue-Fri, 14 – 18 hr. Sat/Sun, 11- 18 hr. 




INAX Museum, Aichi, The Tile Museum, The Tile Museum is a unique museum in Japan that specializes in the history and development of decorative tiles, providing visitors with an opportunity to discover how tiles have influenced and enriched people's lives over centuries.                                                                                                                                                                                   1-130 Okuei-cho, Tokoname-shi, Aichi Prefecture 479-8586 Japan. https://www.livingculture.lixil/en/ilm/museum/



Museu Berardo Estremoz, 800 year tiles. A new museum in an old town "palace" showing tiles from about 1250 to now. Including tiles from Persia, Marocco, Spain and Holland.

Largo Dragões de Olivença, 100, Estremoz. Open: daily 9 – 19 hr, except holidays.




Valencia, Museo Nacional de CerámicaPalacio Marqués de Dos Aguas, Ceramics and tiles.
Calle Poeta Querol 2, 46002 Valencia, Open: Tue - Sat: 10 –14 hr and 16 – 20 hr, Sun- and holidays: 10.00–14.00 hr, keep 2 meter distance.


Exhibition: Gaudi & Trencadis.  An exhibtion with samples of the ceramic mosaics, "trencadis" made by Antoni Gaudi for his projects in Barcelona. Trencadis is made of broken glass, tableware and tiles. The exhibtion is open til the 31st of January 2021.


see : http://www.culturaydeporte.gob.es/mnceramica/actividades/exposiciones-temporales/en-curso.html  




New York University. Insitute for the Study of the Ancient World. ISAW is pleased to present A Wonder to Behold, an exhibition exploring ancient ideas about craftsmanship and the power of clay, glass, and stone through the display of the surviving fragments of Babylon's iconic Ishtar Gate and Processional Way. Featuring close to 150 brightly-colored large and small scale artworks from across the ancient Near East, together with raw materials in a variety of stages of workmanship, the exhibition considers the creation of sacred spaces and objects, including monuments, divine statues, items of personal adornment, and more. ISAW's exhibition demonstrates how seemingly mundane materials were actually potent substances further transformed by expert craftspeople into a propitious and protective monument.                                                                   NYU/ISAW 15 East 84th St. New York, NY 10028, tel. 12-992-7800, https://isaw.nyu.edu/exhibitions/ishtar-gate



Max Put. Art Nouveau in Amsterdam 1895-1910. Amsterdam is beroemd om zijn architectuur, maar Art Nouveau is er nauwelijks te vinden. Hiervoor moet je naar Den Haag of naar steden als Brussel en Parijs. Amsterdam was er te nuchter voor, zo luidt de gangbare mening. Auteur Max Put schetst in dit prachtig geïllustreerde boek echter een heel ander beeld: Amsterdam is buitengewoon rijk aan gebouwen met kenmerken van de Art Nouveau. Een apart hoofdstuk, geschreven door Pim van Schaik, van 38 bladzijden met veel foto's is gewijd aan tegels. 256 Pagina's. Uitgever: Stokerkade cultuurhistorische uitgeverij, Amsterdam 2020. ISBN 9789079156481. 



Jan Pluis and Min Chen. Dutch tiles with Chinese pictures, made by Tichelaar in Makkum after 1930 for the British market. Over 250 pictures in Dutch and English. 96 Pages. Publisher: Primavera Pers. ISBN 978-90-5997-294-0



Expected in october:

Peter Sprangers. Studie naar "Amsterdamse tegels" in de vroege gouden eeuw, 1588 - 1647. ( Dutch) Een publicatie met ruim 700 afbeeldingen. Inlichtingen :   Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


Dr. Bernd Röder,  Die Servais-Werke. Künstlerisch anspruchsvolle Keramik aus Ehrang, an overview of the production of the Servais facatory in Ehrang near Trier, famous for jugendstil tiles. German, p.p.60, € 6,50. To order: Stadtmuseum Trier, http://m.museum-trier.de/shop/  

Buch zur Ausstellung über die „Ransbacher Mosaik- und Plattenfabrik“, Es ist für den Preis von € 15,- erhältlich in der Kannenbäcker Bücherkiste in Ransbach-Baumbach, dem Keramikmuseum Höhr-Grenzhausen, dem Tonbergbaumuseum Siershahn sowie im Buchladen „Mein Buchhaus“ in Wirges. http://keramikerleben.de/

Günther Kallen , wissenschaftlichen Bestandskatalog der Sammlung „Fliesen im Jugendstil: Die Sammlung Beatrix und Axel Vater“, Kreismuseum Zons, € 16,-. Bestellen: per E-Mail unter Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. oder per Telefon unter (0049) (0)2133/53020.


Japan-made Majolica Tiles: Trail of Inspiration, LIXIL Publishing, 2018 , ISBN 978-4-86480-915-3, catalogue of 64 pages with many illustrations in Japanese (978-4-86480-915-3) with a contribution in Japanese of  Aki TOYOYAMA on A Passage to Independence: Japanese Majolica Tiles in India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar, accompanying an exhibition at the INAX Tile Museum.



Museu Berardo Estremoz, 800 year tiles.  Catalogue: download on page 3 https://museuberardoestremoz.pt     


Susan J. Montgomery. “The Endless Possibilities”: American Arts and Crafts Tiles from the Two Red Roses Foundation. Palm Harbor, Fla.: Two Red Roses Foundation, 2016. 360 pp.; 329 color, 350 b/w illus., introductory essay, appendix, notes, selected bibliography, index. $75.00.

Catalogue of : A Wonder to Behold  ( see museums USA ) Published by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World and distributed by Princeton University Press, it is available at the ISAW Gallery Shop and on the Princeton University Press website. Hardcover | 2019 | 9" x 10 ½” | 186 pp. | $49.95 | ISBN 9780691200156

Journal - Tile Heritage. A Review of American Tile History, Volume X, Number 2  (Spring 2020), contains:

  • Michael S. Sims, Unsung. Columbia Encaustic Tile Company - National Tile Company, Anderson, Indiana in which the author describes the start, development and closure of the least know of the four larger tile concerns in America.
  • Victoria Jenssen, Rediscovering Janeway’s Mid-Century Tiles. Part II: 1945-1989 which presents the post-war production of the independent tile artist Carol Janeway (1912-1989)

Both articles are well illustrated.

On the internet:


Nederland en België

Uitgebreid verslag over tegels van de slag bij Waterloo (1815)  door Wilhelm Joliet met medewerking van Jan Pluis




De website over Nederlandse antieke tegels en (Goudse) kleipijpen,   https://www.spijkertegels.nl/

recente aanvullingen: https://www.spijkertegels.nl/mensen/plassers-kakkers-kotsers  





Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum. Veel tegels op haar website.


Den Haag, Kunstmuseum. Tegels uit de collectie online:


Rotterdam, Museum Boymans. Op haar website veel tegels uit de collectie.




Rotterdam tiles in Onze-Lieve-Vrouwehospitaal in Kortrijk




Deutsche und niederländische Fliesen des 18. Jahrhunderts
aus dem Gartenpavillon des Schlosses Seußlitz


 Landschafts- und Bibelfliesen an einem offenen Kamin im Wasserschloss Assen


Mettlacher Mosaikplatten in de Sint-Anna-Kapel, Haltern am See


Amsterdamse tegels uit de 18e eeuw in een barokhuis, Markt 23, Grimma / Sachsen



The collection of Beatrix and Axel Vater in Kreismuseum Zons, over 600 jugendstil tiles.




De pracht van de Azulejos in het klooster van São Vicente de Fora in Lissabon
Deel 2: 'Galeria dos Patriarcas'



Museo Berardo has many of her tiles online:



United kingdom


London, British Museum. They have a large collection of various tiles, also online. Not easy to select just square tiles. Here e.g. the collection of Minton Tiles. You can select on various keywords. 



London, Victoria and Albert Museum. Delft tiles in their collection: