The E.C.T.C. has been created by the Stichting Vrienden Nederlands Tegelmuseum in Otterlo (Foundation of Friends of the Dutch Tile Museum in Otterlo) in the Netherlands. It is intended as a Circle of Organizations and Museums that are focused on the study of European ceramic tiles. Its main activity consists of the edition of a bi-annual Information Bulletin.


The Information Bulletin will be published twice a year, i.e. in February and September. It will include: information on events of the recent past (mainly publications) and information on events that are happening within a six to nine months horizon. Items on a longer term will be kept for a subsequent Bulletin. The objective of the Bulletin is the exchange of information on all kind of events related to the subject of ceramic tiles and tiles related ceramics (i.e. ceramics that have a relation of any kind with tiles) that happen in the country, the region of the participating museums and organizations.


We are particularly interested in being informed on:

  1. exhibitions of ceramic tiles or tiles related ceramics in museums or at private initiative,
  2. new books that were or are planned to be published on the subject,
  3. articles that were or will be published in local magazines,
  4. information on local public or private collections that is generally available for publication,
  5. public auctions,
  6. and any kind of information that might be of interest to people who are studying, collecting or otherwise working with ceramic tiles.

The only restriction on the information that will be published is that it may not have a commercial character, excepted public auctions.

Information providers

Participating organisations, museums and anyone who has useful information in the domains listed above may send it to the editors for inclusion in the current bulletin. It is important to indicate as much details as possible, especially regarding dates and time of events, number of pages and photos, editor, ISBN, . . . . The aim is that information providers represent their whole region/country, not only their own institution or city.


The Bulletins can be consulted on this website. Information is added as it comes available. Because of its international character English is the standard language of the bulletin, although information can be included in the language of the providing country.
The European Ceramic Tiles Circle is not responsible for the correctness of the information published.


The secretaryship of the E.C.T.C. will be performed by Frans Caignie located in Belgium, ex-member of the committee of the Foundation of Friends of the Dutch Tile Museum in Otterlo, the Netherlands, who is in charge of international contacts. The mailing address is:

Vrienden Nederlands Tegelmuseum
European Ceramic Tiles Circle
c/o Baeck Mario
Molenstraat 42c
B-2861 O.-L.-V.-Waver - Belgium
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