The Foundation's main goal is to excite interest for the Dutch Tile Museum (Nederlands Tegelmuseum) in Otterlo, The Netherlands and to give it her full support. In addition the Foundation seeks to collect knowledge as much as possible on all aspects related to tiles and their production techniques.


Each last Saturday of September the annual meeting of the Foundation takes place in Otterlo or at another location in the Netherlands (alternately); lectures on different tile subjects are mostly combined with a tile exhibition or another tile related special event.

Annual TEGEL

Each year in September, an annual, called TEGEL is edited (in Dutch). This annual contains 6 to 8 articles on various tile subjects written by members or sympathizers of the Foundation; TEGEL counts 48 to 56 pages and includes multiple black & white and colour illustrations. In order to enable foreign members to understand the subjects described, starting with TEGEL 25 (September 1997), an English summary is appended to each article (these summaries are posted on this website too). The annual is distributed during the annual meeting to members who have paid their subscription for the current year; those who are unable to attend the annual meeting, will receive it by mail.